The Origins of the National Bankruptcy Conference: A Hinge Point of Change 1932-1933

The National Bankruptcy Conference (NBC) was formed from a nucleus of the nation’s leading bankruptcy scholars and practitioners, who gathered informally in the 1930’s at the request of Congress to assist in the drafting of major Depression-era bankruptcy law amendments, ultimately resulting in the Chandler Act of 1938. The NBC was formalized in the 1940’s and has been a resource to Congress on every significant piece of bankruptcy legislation since that time. Members of the NBC formed the core of the Commission on the Bankruptcy Laws of the United States, which in 1973 proposed the overhaul of our  bankruptcy laws that led to enactment of the Bankruptcy Code in 1978, and were heavily involved in the work of the National Bankruptcy Review Commission (NBRC), whose 1997 report initiated the process that led to significant amendments to the Bankruptcy Code in 2005.written by Conferee John D. Honsberger, September 1985

NBC Conferees Oct 2015NBC Conferees, October 29, 2015

Seated: David Epstein, Jay Westbrook, Jerry Smith, Ray Shapiro, Ron Trost, Elizabeth Gibson

Second Row: Richard Levin (Chair), Ralph Mabey, Melissa Jacoby, Michael Baxter, Troy McKenzie, Douglas Baird, Tom Small, Randy Picker, Isaac Pachulski, Ed Smith, Ken Klee, Heather Lennox, Babette Cecotti, Dan Glosband, Bruce Bernstein, Pat Vance (Vice-Chair)

Third Row: Marshall Huebner, Don Bernstein, Herb Minkel, Hal Novikoff, Henry Sommer, John Rao, Dennis Dunne, Dennis Dow, Katie Porter, Bob Lawless, Whitman Hold, Marc Levinson, Robert Martin

Fourth Row:  Gene Wedoff, Ed Morrison, John Shaffer, Bruce Leonard, Brendan Shannon, Leif Clark, Tom Mayer, Todd Maynes, Jane Vris, Keith Lundin


NBC Conferees, November 10, 2011, Washington, D.C.

NBC Conferees, November 11, 2011

Seated: Hon. Joe Lee, Isaac M. Pachulski, Jonathan M. Landers, Prof. S. Elizabeth Gibson, J. Ronald Trost, Edwin E. Smith, Patrick Vance, H. Bruce Bernstein, Richard B. Levin (Vice-Chair).

Second Row: Donald S. Bernstein (Chair), John J. Jerome, Robert J. White, Prof. Alan N. Resnick, Henry J. Sommer, Hon. Ralph R. Mabey, Prof. Jeffrey W. Morris, Prof. Katherine M. Porter, Herbert P. Minkel, Jr., Sally Schultz Neely, Marcia L. Goldstein, Hon. Barbara J. Houser, Prof. Melissa B. Jacoby, Hon. Mary Davies Scott, Daniel M. Glosband

Third Row: Hon. Keith Lundin, Brady C. Williamson, Hon. A. Thomas Small, Prof. Douglas G. Baird, Robert A. Greenfield,Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff, Prof. David G. Epstein, Hon. Bruce Markell, Richardo I. Kilpatrick, Hon. Alan L. Gropper, David A. Lander, Thomas Moers Mayer, Jane L. Vris

Fourth Row: E. Bruce Leonard, Raymond L. Shapiro, Prof. Edward R. Morrison, Prof. Ronald J. Mann, Marc A. Levinson, Neal Batson, Carl M. Jenks, John Rao, K. John Shaffer, Hon. Robert D. Martin.
nbc 2004

NBC Conferees, October 2004

Seated: Leon Forman, unidentified, Melissa Jacoby, Douglas Baird (Vice-Chair), Ron Trost (Chair), Don Bernstein, Pat Vance, Jeff Morris, Joe Lee, Morris Macey

Second Row: Brady Williamson, unidentified, Ken Klee, Sally Neely, Alan Resnick, Nell Hennessey, Jerry Smith, Marcia Goldstein, Bruce Bernstein, Jerry Munitz, Isaac Pachulski, Jay Westbrook, Dan Glosband, Bob White

Third Row: Henry Sommer, Mary Davies Scott, John Jerome, Elizabeth Gibson, Barbara Houser, Richard Broude, unidentified, unidentified, Herb Minkel, Leif Clark, Elizabeth Warren, Neal Batson, Harvey Miller, unidentified, unidentified

Fourth Row: Robert Greenfield, Ralph Mabey, Bruce Markell, Leonard Rosen, Bob Martin, Gene Wedoff, Carl Jenks, Ray Shapiro, unidentified, Mickey Sheinfeld